The extra mile is worth a league

October 18, 2014 Marcelo Iteration 0 Comments

Giving just a bit more takes you to a whole new level.

With the years I realized that what I used to think was good enough, it was, well, just enough. We live in a very competitive world and we interact with a lot of very smart people on a daily basis. You can no longer win by doing a good-enough job; you need to do something special.

To narrow the window for interpretation of what special means, here are some thoughts that try to contextualize what I am referring to. Thoughts that, in a way, fail miserably at contextualizing anything and get diluted in an all-encompassing list. I guess I should eat my own dog food and try a little harder next time.

At any rate, we should aim to:

  1. Expand your research to include more diverse sources
  2. Re-read and rewrite your work one more time
  3. Push that extra pixel
  4. Find the perfect colour choice
  5. Sand that edge
  6. Remaster, quantize and remix that soundtrack
  7. Fine tune that video transition
  8. Research more fonts
  9. Adjust that kerning and leading
  10. Measure twice and cut once
  11. Experiment until you get the perfect espresso (and take notes)
  12. Go for gold even if you got silver
  13. Straighten that painting
  14. Communicate to disarm and aim for win-win
  15. Call your friends in their birthdays (don’t just Facebook them)

What else should we add?

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