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I’ve been leading teams for over 15 years. I have also been studying the works of several business thinkers. I liked some works better than others and most of the times, I learned new things. Sometimes I learned an entirely new concept (entirely new at least for me). Sometimes, I learned to look at something I already knew in a new light. The rest of the times, it felt like some of the thoughts were a mere regurgitation of some old idea. Regardless of the experience, it always felt valuable. So I started compiling notes. Then started categorizing these notes into topics, slowly building an information foundation. This body of knowledge is still in development. I am continuously adding new information as I come across new concepts and interpretations. I am also starting to add my own thinking derived from my own experiences.

Although this material is still evolving, it is a resource I consult regularly. I use it to challenge my intuition, to see if I can look at a situation from different view points. In sum, I use it to find answers to complex problems. And so far I feel it has worked. Recently and throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to help create great working environments, where people enjoy coming to work and get to build wonderful things. This is why I want to share my thinking with you. So you can, if you want, look at things from a new perspective. A perspective that hopefully gives you new ideas on how to overcome your own challenges and achieve great things.

Some of the topics I will cover in this series include leadership, management, leading teams, resolving conflict, managing innovation and creativity, solving problems and making better decisions. I invite you to read through and to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any post.

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